Sex In A Can from Fleshlight

Sex In A Can

Sex in A Can is a new product line from Fleshlight that reminds me the old times. The first Sex in a Can fleshlights were released some years ago and they were taken down in cause of low profits. Several years after this offer deserved for a kick-ass come back. Old Sex in a can fleshlight were the 3 same slick sleeves hidden in a old fashioned can. The present offer is much better, more colorful and what is the most important more pleasurable and sensational. That’s because the new sex in a can products features completely new sleeves with new textures. Textures used in those canned fleshlights are the mini versions of the well known fleshlight masturbation sleeves. Offer is represented by three different products: Pink Lotus Lager, Abbey’s Secret Ale and Spread Eagle Brew. Every of this canned fleshlights features different mini sleeve: Mini-Vortex, Mini-Wonder Wave and the best of all Mini-Lotus. All of the Sex in a can sex toys were “brewed” to give exactly the same legendary sensations of the original Fleshlight sex with new edition. I’m sure that you will love those new “canned fleshlights”. All three types placed in a compact beer can case. Sex in a Can is a pure fun for everyone, especially for those who like have their fleshlight toys hidden. With three distinct orifices (Spreaded Lady, Lady and Mouth) that are related with unique inner textures and can vinyls. Remember to collect them all.

fleshlight Sex In A Can

Fleshlight Vibro

fleshlight vibro

Let me introduce you the newest line of Fleshlight sex toys. The Fleshlight Vibro™ is the next generation of famous fleshlight. This latest edition of the best selling sex toy in the world has got new feature that no other sex toy can provide - it vibrates. This new fleshlight has got specially designed pockets where you can put the vibrating bullets. The Fleshlight Vibro comes with 3 vibrating sticks which can be inserted inside the secure bullet pockets. Those pockets are located on the back face of the sleeve. You can even place up to three bullets into this special sleeve for the preferred level of stimulation. The Fleshlight Vibro like the every Fleshlight sleeve is made from has the same legendary patented Real Feel Superskin. It is only modified to provide the additional level of vibrating sensation. The Vibro edition is available with the 3 types of sleeves - Original Fleshlight inner texture or with one of two totally new inner textures, The “Touch” and the “Cyclone”. They where specially designed to this new Fleshlight line.

cyclone fleshlight fleshlight vibro touch

Cyclone is the second exclusively designed sleeve for the new generation Fleshlight Vibro™ sex toys line. Cyclone Sleeve is filled with the spiraling rings. This exclusive Cyclone texture has got the variable diameter - it gets tighter the deeper you thrust. Cyclone Fleshlight Sleeve is a combination of the powerful vibrations and the more intensely pleasurable texture. I think that this sleeve is much more intensive than even the real vagina.

Touch is the new generation sleeve of the best selling male sex toy in the world. Touch is an exclusive texture which was designed to transfer the vibrations to every specially molded pleasure fingers along the whole length of the sleeve. Touch Fleshlight Sleeve is made of legendary patented Real Feel Superskin, that imitates woman vagina interior. I can assure you that, the intensity and pleasure of this sensation is unforgettable.

banner fleshlight vibro bullets

Fleshlight Accessories - GrowthFlex Penis Pump


Everybody knows that large cock is extremely important in sexual life. Women dreams about a strong male with a big soldier. Fleshlight designed a device that might help you with your sexual problems - The Growthflex penis pump. Growthflex can give you, the larger gun only if you decide to train hard and regularly. Very simple suction controll allows you to push your penis to the finish. Fleshlight penis pump works by stretching, lengthening and expanding the erectile muscles. The GrowthFlex works just like regular weight training. If you want to get a bigger results, you do push ups. If you want to get a bigger penis, you do the Growthflex. Your imagination and will of training are the only limits of your penis size. I can guarantee you that this Growthflex is very easy to use. The most important thing is that fleshlight penis pump is 100% safe. When you train regularly, your predictable results will be finally available. So don’t waste your time for chemicals or painful extenders and get your personal penis gym and order the Fleshlight Growthflex by clicking the link above. Special offer! Now with every Growthflex penis pump set fleshlight will give you a fantastic gift - 4oz. bottle of oil-based lube - but remember it can’t be used with Fleshlights.

growthflex from fleshlight

You don’t have to worry anymore with your penis size even if it is a bit small. There’s no better solution to make your soldier bigger without any chemicals, drugs, gels or painful extenders. GrowthFlex Penis Pump will give you all the advantages of these methods without poisons and pain. It means that you don’t have to drug yourself to have a fantastic sex with your partner. The GrowthFlex works on the exactly like an anabolic training, just like on the gym. If you want to get a bigger chest, you’re making push ups. If you want to get a bigger penis, you do the Growrhflex pumping. Your discipline and desire are the only limits of the size of your dick.

Raven Riley Lotus Fleshlight


Raven Riley, popular adult film star in xxx business together with the Fleshlight manufacturer - ILF inc. - has created the fantastic sex toy to Fleshlight Girls collection. Raven Riley had a real pleasure posing to her official sex toy - Raven Riley Fleshlight™. The outside of this fleshlight looks just like Raven’s pussy and inside it feels like 100% real vagina. So now your dreams come true you can have sex with Raven Riley as often you want to ;). It is so realistic because of the unique insert used of this fleshlight - Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve. If you want to know some more about Lotus and to know Raven Riley a bit closer, read the rest of this review.

lotus Fleshlight masturbation sleeve

Do you know what the Lotus is? Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve is an unique, patented artificial vagina interior. The Lotus was designed to give you real feeling of a vaginal sensations. Its interior’s beginning has got very tight and smooth entry, then it turns a bit wider, just like inside a real vagina. Inside Lotus there is a specially designed inverted node, it provides more stimulation to the whole penis. This wonderful node replicates the ideal sensation of vaginal interior’s “brushing”. At the ending of the lotus interior you can find four specially crafted chambers, designed to provide more pressure to the most important cock’s part giving true sexual sensations, that no other sex toy can give you.

raven fleshlight girls 1 raven fleshlight lotus 22 raven riley fleshlight3

Here’s some facts from Raven Riley’s bio, if you are a big fan of her body. Raven was born on 6th September, 1986 in a small town Haven in Arizona. She always has wanted to became famous. Raven Riley is a 23 year old sex model, actress and adult producer. Her Father is a Native American and Mother is an Italian. Thats after her Mom she had token her stunning beauty. Raven has always wanted to be a star. First she started modeling and after that she was seen by the xxx films producer. From that moment Raven Riley was popular in whole porn industry. Her dream of success had came and now Raven Riley is promoting sex toy with her own signature on it - Raver Riley Fleshlight™ - the following addition to the Fleshlight Girls World. Now she’s one of nine the most beautiful sex models promoting their own fleshlights. Raven Riley Fleshlight imitates her real pussy look and with the Lotus used inside it simulates the real vaginal interior also. To maximize your feeling each Fleshlight Girls sex toy is made from patented RealFeel™ SuperSkin™ material, which was created inside ILF laboratories to imitate the female skin. Trust me, you won’t feel the difference with the real vagina.


Every Masturbation Sleeve used in official Raven Riley Fleshlight is molded directly from Raven’s actual pussy and it contains the most realistic insert - the Lotus sleeve. Only Fleshlight labeled product will give you the true guaranteed pleasure, that no other sex toys can provide. Lotus Sleeve was created by Fleshlight to provide the true experience of vaginal intercourse sensations. With each Fleshlight Girls sex toy you will get an unique Pearlescent Fleshlight Case and exclusive gift set - an autographed postcard with Raven Riley and 2 oz bottle of Gun Oil H2O, water-based personal lubricant - because there’s never too much lube.

Fleshjack Review - the best Fleshlight for Gay


Fleshlight are fun not only for straight people. ILF inc. - the creator of Fleshlight™ has prepared a fantastic offer dedicated directly for gay customers. Do you wonder what the FleshJack™ is? The Fleshjack is a fleshlight-alike masturbation device dedicated only for gay men. It is a plastic sleek container with masturbation sleeve inside which can be fit to your personal preferences. To promote this revolutionary gay fleshlight, ILF created a separate site whole willed with flashjacks and plenty of various gay sex accessories. Design on this gay website was made strictly for Gay Fleshlight lovers, it features lot’s of “eye-candies” to turn on the gay people - plenty of young, hunky guys - you won’t find there even a single picture a woman. Lets talk some more about the Fleshjack. The plastic case allows a simple and discreet storage. The masturbation insert is made from a Fleshlight patented material called SuperSkin™. This silicone based material has special ability to replicate the feeling of real pussy interior. You can choose between four entries, butt, mouth, classic, or closed ( stealth for shy users). You can choose the same masturbation sleeves of different inner textures give you maximum of gay pleasure. There are general 3 types of gay fleshlights : All-American Jack, Classic Jack Ass, Endurance Jack. More detailed info about all these gay sex toys you can find on a site. To go there all you need to do is click the banner above. You’re lucky, lately ILF, the creator of fleshjack has launched a fantastic offer for Endurance Jack. Clicking this banner you can get 20 % discount for all original Endurance Jack sex toys. The largest difference comparing the Fleshjack and all other masturbation toys in the market, is its incredibly realistic feel, attention to quality, and ease of use. Remember, only the Fleshlight labeled products are 100% original and can provide you the real sensations. The Original Fleshjack is made in the USA only. All Fleshjacks handled with proper care, can last you for life.


Here are three reasons why you should purchase your FleshJack:

1. To enhance your sexual abilities and performance.

No matter you’re a real sexual tiger, 100% gangbanger or just a rookie. Remember that there is always time for improvement and FlashJack can help you with it very effectively. Practice your sexual skills, train new loving techniques. Try the Endurance Jack to figure how long you can last with this one of directly designed sleeves, designed for release maximum desires.

2. Freedom and total control.

You can do it whenever you want and wherever you want to. You don’t need to ask nobody for permission, you re the one who decides about your orgasms. The Fleshjack is an alternative masturbation methods and it was created to completely satisfy your fantasies.
Our soft, pliable, non-vibrating SuperSkin™ masturbation sleeve has been designed to provide the most realistic anal and oral simulation known to man.

3. To practice sex in safety.

The Fleshjack sex toy was designed in part, to avoid all the risks related with promiscuity and STDs -sexually transmitted diseases., If you’re having problem with finding a right partner with 100% sure of safety. It is a fantastic way for lone waiting for the proper lover. The Fleshjack provides a 100% safe and amazingly pleasurable sensations to help you express all your sexuality.

Fleshlight Discount for Cases Pack


Do you need a replacement case or you’ve just bought a single fleshlight sleeve without it? Maybe you’re creating you personal fleshlight collection and you need some cases? Save money, and use this fleshlight discount for 3 cases. With this offer you can buy two fleshlight cases and get third half off. Three Fleshlight Cases® sold separately costs $60, with this discount all three cases can be yours for only $49.95. Using this offer you can save $10.05 for extra shopping. You have to know, when you’re buying fleshlight masturbation sleeves, cases are not included. With this offer you are able to choose every of your three fleshlight cases from five available variations. You can choose from : Black Fleshlight Case , Ice (Clear) Fleshlight Case, Blue Fleshlight Case, Silver Fleshlight Case & Fleshlight Girls Pearl Case. Remember to keep your sleeves in cases! There is nothing to say more in this review.

new fleshlight case

The Fleshlight Case is a plastic can designed perfectly for Fleshlight sleeves, and now all the fleshlight cases are released in re-designed version. The new, refreshed case is now better aggressive looking and best of all, technically improved. There are three main improvements. The taller cap leaves more space for the insert, the special enclosure for quicker lid removal, and the third feature is new vented rear threads that provides even better suction control!!! The newly redesigned Fleshlight Case is available in five color editions: Black, Ice (Clear), Blue, Silver & Fleshlight Girls Pearl - and all of them are related with fleshlight discount. Here you can take a look at the all cases available with this offer:

black fleshlight Case Silver Fleshlight Case Ice Fleshlight Case Fleshlight Girls Pearl Case Blue Fleshlight Case

Disclaimer: All presented Fleshlight Cases®, are product of ILF inc. Fleshlight ® logo on every case gives you the certainty of the highest quality.

Pink Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves

Pink Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves banner

Welcome to the Fleshlight Sleeves® review. As you know every fleshlight contains two fundamental parts - the case and the sleeve. Fleshlight sleeve is the most significant part of every fleshlight, because it keeps full contact with your cock through all the masturbation session. That’s why ILF inc. decided to release single sleeves without unnecessary cases. Generally speaking single fleshlight sleeve is the OEM version of Fleshlight. If you have purchased any Fleshlight sex toy before and after some time you decide to try different sensations - the best solution is to buy fleshlight masturbation sleeve as a replacement to use it with the old case. On site you can choose between 7 various masturbation sleeves. You can select the proper fleshlight sleeve that will fit your sexual preferences. You can choose between - Vortex, Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed, Original, Super Tight, Ultra Tight. Every of these fleshlight masturbation sleeves has a different texture that provides different intense levels and various sensations. More of that you are able to choose your favorite entry. On are available 5 well known entries - Lady, Mouth, Butt, Mini Maid and Stealth - just click the sleeve picture and you will be able to pick any ornifice you want. All Fleshlight Sleeves are made from our patented RealFeel SuperSkin™ material. Thanks to SuperSkin every sleeve feels even softer than true skin. Each sleeve can be heated by simply soaking in a warm water. If you have some questions, on is available Interactive Sleeve Guide - it could be useful If you can’t decide which sleeve you want to purchase. So read carefully all the reviews of fleshlight sleeves, before you choose which one you want to buy. To read some specifications of each insert from Fleshlight site, all you need to do is click the proper sleeve picture you’re interested in. Remember that only Fleshlight® labeled sleeves gives a true feeling of real pussy. They are so realistic, because of Fleshlight Superskin secret ingredients.

Wonder Wave
Super Ribbed
Wonder Wave fleshlight Super Ribbed Fleshlight order Original  Fleshlight sleeve
Speed Bump
Super Tight
Speed Bump fleshlight sleeve Super Tight Fleshlight Vortex Fleshlights
Ultra Tight
Ultra Tight Fleshlights

Tera Patrick Fleshlight

tera PATRICK fleshlight

Tera Patrick - one of the most talented pornstars ever born, with ILF - the Fleshlight creator, released the latest addition to Fleshlight Girls collection - Tera Patrick Fleshlight™. The hottest pornstar and the number one male sex toys producer - ILF Inc. has contributed to create the newest version of Fleshlight Girls. This sex toy is available with both, the Lotus texture and the Twista Fleshlight sleeve. At same first the name of this newest Fleshlight Girl was a secret. Finally Fleshlight Inc. has launched the newest product and Tera Patrick Fleshlight became true. Read the rest of this article to know something more about Tera Patricks heritage and career.

tera1 tera2 tera31

Do you know who Tera Patrick is? Tera Patrick is undoubtly one of the hottest porn star ever walked on earth. Tera Patrick was born on July 25, 1976 in Great Falls, Montana. She presents a beautiful and unique mixture of Thai and American heritage. Her American father were an M.D. in Thailand where he meet Tera’s mother. That’s after her mother Tera Patrick is so beautyful with such a charming character. She was studying microbiology at University, and after that she moved to New York to became model. Than Tera was moved to Los Angeles, California to return to the modeling. In 2002 she met Penthouse photographer and shortly after that she became a “Penthouse Pet” and “Hustler Honey”. Than also a Playboy was interested with her. The centerfold industry was dominated by tera patrick so the time has come for her to begin a career in adult movies world. So brave Tera Patrick has starred in over fifty xxx-rated movies, working for the the top companies in the adult films business. Now, Tera Patrick became the fleshlight model. She is promoting the latest sex toy Fleshlight Girls sex toy - Tera Patrick Fleshlight - with her name labeled on it. She is the one of 9 hottest girls in the Fleshlight Girls’ world. This Tera Patrick fleshlight was released some time ago and from then it became the best selling product in Fleshlight Girls brand.


Why Tera Patrick Fleshlight™ is so unique and popular? - Because it contains the most realistic Fleshlight insert ever - the Lotus. The Twista Sleeve will ba also available. Both sleeves are made from unique patented RealFeel™ material called SuperSkin™. This special artificial skin material is so realistic that there’s no possibility to feel the difference with the real vagina. Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve provides feeling that no other fleshlight in the world can give - the 100% true vaginal intercourse sensation. TheTwista is the latest addition to the Fleshlight Sleeves. It has got revolutionary spin construction, that can provide a sexual sensation as any sleeve ever made. The Twista is the newest sleeve available only with Tera Partick Fleshlight - its spiral construction gives the unforgettable pleasure. This extraordinary design of spining chambers features the enhanced sucking effect giving an amazing feeling during masturbation.Every Tera Patrick Fleshlight Package contains a unique Pearlescent Fleshlight Case, available only with Fleshlight Girls products. You’ll also get an autographed postcard featuring Tera Patrick and a free 2 oz bottle of water-based personal lubricant, ID Gun Oil H2O.


Fleshlube Elements Special Offer

banner fleshlube title

Get ready for the completely new lubes. Fleshlight® has released the latest lubricants collection called Fleshlube™. This new set of water gels contains 3 different products that can be used with 3 different purposes. Fleshlube Water provides the optimal silky smooth feel for use with every type of fleshlight. Fleshlube Fire heats up your sensations during masturbation. Fleshlube Ice is the best cooling lubricant on the sex toys market. You can try all these three types of Fleshlube and save some cash with this fleshlight discount. This special offer allows you to buy those three lubricants at the lowest price! They can be yours for only $24.95. The regular price of this three Fleshlubes is $38.85 so you can save 35% with this fleshlube discount. These lubes were designed to give the optimal smooth sensations. Each of these Fleshlubes are based on water and are manufactured using only the medical-quality ingredients. Every of them are easy to rinse off, I can assure you that there aren’t any better lubricants on the today’s market. This Package Includes: 4oz. Bottle of Fleshlube Water, 4oz. Bottle of Fleshlube Fire, 1 4oz. Bottle of Fleshlube Ice.

fleshlight lube water

Fleshlube™ Water 4oz. Bottle.
This lubricant was created to provide the a fantastic silky smooth feel. You can use it with your Fleshlight® as well as with your partner to maximize your sexual sensation. All Fleshlubes are water-based and they are made from the medical grade ingredients and they are Paraben-free. Fleshlubes are easy to clean and are natural and pleasurable to use.

fleshlight lube fire

Fleshlube™ Fire (Warming) 4oz. Bottle
This Fleshlight lubricant features a big leap in warming lubricant technology. Fleshlube™ Fire can be used with all of the Fleshlight tex toys as good as with your partner in bed creating unexpected sexual experience, you don’t need to have an additional lube. This lubricant is produced from the medical grade substitutes. This warming lubricant is the best way to heat up your sexual sensations. This Fire Fleshlube warms on contact and it’s gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

fleshlight lube ice

Fleshlube™ Ice (Cooling) 4oz. Bottle
I want to present you the best cooling lubricant on the fleshlight market. The Fleshlube™ Ice gives you an unforgettable feeling a,It features a fantastic stimulating tingle without any lack of the sliding touch of this water-based lubricant. Fleshlube Ice is producing from the highest quality ingredients. The Ice will add an icy-cool experience to any masturbation joy.

Note: All Fleshlube™ products are dermatological formulated and tested, are natural and hypoallergenic, are gentle on sensitive skin and are Paraben-free.

Discount for Fleshlight Sleeves

buy 2 sleeves get 1 free

If you are looking for an opportunity to buy cheaper fleshlight sleeves, I got something that might interest you. I found a fantastic discount on, offering sleeves cheaper than its regular price. This fleshlight discount is dedicated to everybody who wants to build their personal sleeves collection. You can buy two masturbation sleeves and get the third fleshlight sleeve for free. This is one of the deepest discounts available on Three sleeves costs separately $149.85, clicking our banner, with fleshlight special offer you’ll pay only $99.90. So using this offer, you’ll save almost $50, isn’t it a splendid fleshlight discount? Ordering your sleeves set, you can manually customize each of them. To compose your three sleeves collection all you need to do is click the banner that will transfer you directly to the fleshlight official site and than pick all the fleshlight sleeves parameters that fits you the best. You can select there an entries, textures and colors of your sleeves. On Fleshlight site, there are available four different orifices/entries such as: Mouth, Lady, Butt and Stealth; six different textures: Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed, Vortex, Super Tight, Ultra Tight; and two colors: Pink and Ice - that makes up to 84 various combinations. As you see, with this fleshlight discount you can get a personal customized set of fleshlight sleeves at really good prices. So at this moment, you’ve got the chance to experience all of the Fleshlight sleeves and you don’t have break your budget with it. There is one significant thing you should remember about - all those discounted fleshlight sleeves have no Case included. Of course Fleshlight Cases are sold separately - so be sure to add a one fleshlight case before you make an order, if you don’t have any.

3 fleshlight sleeves for 2