Fleshjack Review - the best Fleshlight for Gay


Fleshlight are fun not only for straight people. ILF inc. - the creator of Fleshlight™ has prepared a fantastic offer dedicated directly for gay customers. Do you wonder what the FleshJack™ is? The Fleshjack is a fleshlight-alike masturbation device dedicated only for gay men. It is a plastic sleek container with masturbation sleeve inside which can be fit to your personal preferences. To promote this revolutionary gay fleshlight, ILF created a separate site whole willed with flashjacks and plenty of various gay sex accessories. Design on this gay website was made strictly for Gay Fleshlight lovers, it features lot’s of “eye-candies” to turn on the gay people - plenty of young, hunky guys - you won’t find there even a single picture a woman. Lets talk some more about the Fleshjack. The plastic case allows a simple and discreet storage. The masturbation insert is made from a Fleshlight patented material called SuperSkin™. This silicone based material has special ability to replicate the feeling of real pussy interior. You can choose between four entries, butt, mouth, classic, or closed ( stealth for shy users). You can choose the same masturbation sleeves of different inner textures give you maximum of gay pleasure. There are general 3 types of gay fleshlights : All-American Jack, Classic Jack Ass, Endurance Jack. More detailed info about all these gay sex toys you can find on a Flashjack.com site. To go there all you need to do is click the banner above. You’re lucky, lately ILF, the creator of fleshjack has launched a fantastic offer for Endurance Jack. Clicking this banner you can get 20 % discount for all original Endurance Jack sex toys. The largest difference comparing the Fleshjack and all other masturbation toys in the market, is its incredibly realistic feel, attention to quality, and ease of use. Remember, only the Fleshlight labeled products are 100% original and can provide you the real sensations. The Original Fleshjack is made in the USA only. All Fleshjacks handled with proper care, can last you for life.


Here are three reasons why you should purchase your FleshJack:

1. To enhance your sexual abilities and performance.

No matter you’re a real sexual tiger, 100% gangbanger or just a rookie. Remember that there is always time for improvement and FlashJack can help you with it very effectively. Practice your sexual skills, train new loving techniques. Try the Endurance Jack to figure how long you can last with this one of directly designed sleeves, designed for release maximum desires.

2. Freedom and total control.

You can do it whenever you want and wherever you want to. You don’t need to ask nobody for permission, you re the one who decides about your orgasms. The Fleshjack is an alternative masturbation methods and it was created to completely satisfy your fantasies.
Our soft, pliable, non-vibrating SuperSkin™ masturbation sleeve has been designed to provide the most realistic anal and oral simulation known to man.

3. To practice sex in safety.

The Fleshjack sex toy was designed in part, to avoid all the risks related with promiscuity and STDs -sexually transmitted diseases., If you’re having problem with finding a right partner with 100% sure of safety. It is a fantastic way for lone waiting for the proper lover. The Fleshjack provides a 100% safe and amazingly pleasurable sensations to help you express all your sexuality.