Fleshlight coupon codes for STU and Build Your Own

stamina training unit coupon code

Lately, fleshlight.com has released some new coupon codes, giving you an opportunity to get 10% discount. Those new coupon codes allows you to purchase two best selling products - Stamina Training Unit and Build You Own Fleshlight - with the best prices. So If you want to buy STU or Build Your Own Fleshlight, now is the best time for it. Using this coupon codes you have 100% guarantee that you will get STU and BYO 10% discounted. When you decide to have one custom designed fleshlight or you want to have some STU training, this discount is created especially for you. To purchase your personally customized fleshlight you have to use coupon code: BUILDIT. To buy the most effective sex training device - STU, the proper coupon code is STAMINA. If you wonder how to use those coupon codes, don’t worry it’s amazingly easy. To activate each of those codes all you need to do is type them inside place, during the last step of ordering. First you have to click on a banner you’re interested in, than add your fleshlight to the cart. After adding your STU or BYO fleshlight to shopping cart select checkout, now you will have to fill an ordering form, typing proper coupon code inside special box under the “payment method” on the left. As you see it’s very easy so if you always dreamed about your fleshlight, those codes can take you closer than ever to achieve your goal. Below are described both products for those who are new to fleshlight family.

Build Your Own Coupon Code

Build Your Own Fleshlight

Build Your Own Fleshlight is the one of the most popular offer available on fleshlight.com. To create your own sex toy, first, click the banner to transfer yourself to the official Fleshlight site. You will be transferred directly to the proper place where using an easy wizard you can customize fleshlight that will fit your personal specifications. You can simply choose all the fleshlight requirements that match you the most. You will have to pass through three steps, choosing your fleshlight parameters in each step. First you need to pick entry from four options - lady, butt, mouth or stealth (it is a simple hole - for shy users). Than choose an insert from seven available:Wonder Wave, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed, Original, Super Tight, Ultra Tight. Each one provides completely different sexual sensations - this is the most important decision - so choose it wisely. At the end just pick a color between mocha or pink and you can add your personal fleshlight to the shopping cart. Filling your order form remember about entering a fleshlight coupon code “BUILDIT” under the payment method on the left. This coupon code allows you to get 10% discount for your fleshlight. You have to be aware that this discout wont last forever so if you have ever planned to get your own fleshlight, this is the best time tor it.

build your own fleshlight

Stamina Training Unit

If you wonder what kind of sex toy the Stamina Training Unit is, you should read this fleshlight review. STU is a fleshlight that is widely used as “training device” to get better sex performance. That’s because everybody knows that there’s no better method to improove sexual abilities than to train as often as possible. Practise is the best way to last as long as your partner needs to have an orgasm. The best method to train youself effectively is to buy STU. Fleshlight STU - Stamina Training Unit is a sex toy that can be very useful improoving your sexual performance. It was created to make an effective training course from your everyday masturbation. Thats because of STU unique construction, Stamina Training Unit is tighter and more intensive than ordinary fleshlights available on market. I can guarantee that training like this is the only way to impress your lady with an amazing performance. I’ve tried it and I would recommend it to every man who got the ploblem with early cumming. Remember STU was designed with one rule - if you are able to last ten minutes with STU fleshlight, you’ll handle at least 20 minutes of hot sex with even the hottest woman in bed. Remeber, when ordering Stamina Training Unit you can use fleshlight coupon code “STAMINA”. With this coupon code you can purchase your sex toy with 10% discount. To use this coupon code just enter it in a special place on the order form. Stamina Training never been so pleasurable.

stamina training unit from fleshlight