Fleshlight Vibro

fleshlight vibro

Let me introduce you the newest line of Fleshlight sex toys. The Fleshlight Vibro™ is the next generation of famous fleshlight. This latest edition of the best selling sex toy in the world has got new feature that no other sex toy can provide - it vibrates. This new fleshlight has got specially designed pockets where you can put the vibrating bullets. The Fleshlight Vibro comes with 3 vibrating sticks which can be inserted inside the secure bullet pockets. Those pockets are located on the back face of the sleeve. You can even place up to three bullets into this special sleeve for the preferred level of stimulation. The Fleshlight Vibro like the every Fleshlight sleeve is made from has the same legendary patented Real Feel Superskin. It is only modified to provide the additional level of vibrating sensation. The Vibro edition is available with the 3 types of sleeves - Original Fleshlight inner texture or with one of two totally new inner textures, The “Touch” and the “Cyclone”. They where specially designed to this new Fleshlight line.

cyclone fleshlight fleshlight vibro touch

Cyclone is the second exclusively designed sleeve for the new generation Fleshlight Vibro™ sex toys line. Cyclone Sleeve is filled with the spiraling rings. This exclusive Cyclone texture has got the variable diameter - it gets tighter the deeper you thrust. Cyclone Fleshlight Sleeve is a combination of the powerful vibrations and the more intensely pleasurable texture. I think that this sleeve is much more intensive than even the real vagina.

Touch is the new generation sleeve of the best selling male sex toy in the world. Touch is an exclusive texture which was designed to transfer the vibrations to every specially molded pleasure fingers along the whole length of the sleeve. Touch Fleshlight Sleeve is made of legendary patented Real Feel Superskin, that imitates woman vagina interior. I can assure you that, the intensity and pleasure of this sensation is unforgettable.

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