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Every man knows that the only way to get better sex is to practice more and more. I’m sure you wonder how to practice effectively? Fleshlight Inc. has something for you and for everybody who wants to increse their sexual abilities. Fleshlight STU - Stamina Training Unit is a product which can be very helpful enhancing your sexual endurance. The Stamina Training Unit (STU) was created to provide only one goal - to make from your fleshlight masturbation an effectively training course. STU is a legendary intercourse training simulation technology designed by Fleshlight Inc. What makes STU so intensively pleasurable? The Stamina Training Unit is tighter and more intensive than rest of the fleshlights. Thats because of STU construction. It is similar to Speed Bump for the first sight , but it’s olny a false pretense, the STU has got a larger bumps and tighter canal, to provide you the training course you looking for. It is as discreet as the original masturbation toy, and comes in a visually stunning, realistic skin tone color. There’s a one rule using STU - if you can last 10 minutes with this fleshlight, you’ll last at least 20 minutes with any woman in bed. Training has never been so fantastic. You can only buy the STU Fleshlight with a case, it is not available separately, which makes this product a first one to buy.

Pink Lady STU (Stamina Training Unit)
$69.95 $59.95
Liberator Fleshlight Mount
$85.00 $69.95
Handsfree Training Package
$154.95 $129.90
Pink Lady STU Liberator Fleshlight Mount hand free Handsfree Training Package

Now STU comes with a package with Liberator Doggystyle Wedge and Fleshlight Mount - it is a special custom wedge designed to hands free doggystyle action. If you’re interested in exploring new sexual positions and having incredibly deep and satisfying penetrations, Liberator is dedicated especially for you.

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STU Fleshlight is available with Included FREE online guide. With this knowledge you can improove your sexual skills by practice psychological diversions, even explore different positions and methods of sexual intercourse.