Original Fleshlight

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Original Fleshlight was the first sex toy released, and still it is the best selling fleshlight with over two million items sold. If you’re new member to the Fleshlight world, there is no better Fleshlight to start with than the Original Fleshlights, the most popular fleshlight type ever. Originals are available in Pink color and you can choose from five different orifices: Original Lady - looks like real vagina, Original Mouth - the mouth shaped entry, Original Stealth - for anonymous users, Original Butt - for anal lovers and Original Mini Maid - which looks like 18 year old pussy from behind. All these fleshlight types are sold together with new Black Fleshlight Case. If you decided to buy one of these you’ll be positively surprised because, to every fleshlight the 4 oz. ID lubricant is added. The Original Fleshlight inserts are more popular than any other sleeve on fleshlight.com. Remember when you will be enjoying your original pink fleshlight, prepare to take yourself to new sexual pleasure levels. All originals has got the smooth insert which is a real recreation of a young woman’s pussy. As I was writing before Original Pink Lady is available with a free tube of 4 oz ID Pleasure which makes this product even more interesting.

Original Lady
Original Mouth
Original Stealth
Original Lady Fleshlight Original Fleshlight mouth Original Fleshlight Stealth
Original Butt
Original Mini Maid
Original Fleshlight butt order Original Mini Maid Fleshlight

The Original Fleshlight was my first sex toy when I was starting my own adventure with fleshlights. I was so satisfied, that now I’m a happy owner of full Fleshlight collection. The Fleshlight Originals are the best sex toy to open your eyes for the rest of the fleshlights. Trust me and you won’t regret this purchase. Here you can see how this original sex toy looks inside:

Original Fleshlight banner

The real Originals likes a bit of good lube so the fact that you will get the free lube is even more interesting. What is fantastic in this fleshlight, it is very easy to take control of your orgasms. It’s your choose if you like to have a pleasurable long masturbation or fast and sensational session, that makes you totally independent. It’s really high quality product, so if you want to buy it from official site just click one of the offers above. Each fleshlight costs $64.95 no matter which orifice you will choose.

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