Tera Patrick Fleshlight

tera PATRICK fleshlight

Tera Patrick - one of the most talented pornstars ever born, with ILF - the Fleshlight creator, released the latest addition to Fleshlight Girls collection - Tera Patrick Fleshlight™. The hottest pornstar and the number one male sex toys producer - ILF Inc. has contributed to create the newest version of Fleshlight Girls. This sex toy is available with both, the Lotus texture and the Twista Fleshlight sleeve. At same first the name of this newest Fleshlight Girl was a secret. Finally Fleshlight Inc. has launched the newest product and Tera Patrick Fleshlight became true. Read the rest of this article to know something more about Tera Patricks heritage and career.

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Do you know who Tera Patrick is? Tera Patrick is undoubtly one of the hottest porn star ever walked on earth. Tera Patrick was born on July 25, 1976 in Great Falls, Montana. She presents a beautiful and unique mixture of Thai and American heritage. Her American father were an M.D. in Thailand where he meet Tera’s mother. That’s after her mother Tera Patrick is so beautyful with such a charming character. She was studying microbiology at University, and after that she moved to New York to became model. Than Tera was moved to Los Angeles, California to return to the modeling. In 2002 she met Penthouse photographer and shortly after that she became a “Penthouse Pet” and “Hustler Honey”. Than also a Playboy was interested with her. The centerfold industry was dominated by tera patrick so the time has come for her to begin a career in adult movies world. So brave Tera Patrick has starred in over fifty xxx-rated movies, working for the the top companies in the adult films business. Now, Tera Patrick became the fleshlight model. She is promoting the latest sex toy Fleshlight Girls sex toy - Tera Patrick Fleshlight - with her name labeled on it. She is the one of 9 hottest girls in the Fleshlight Girls’ world. This Tera Patrick fleshlight was released some time ago and from then it became the best selling product in Fleshlight Girls brand.


Why Tera Patrick Fleshlight™ is so unique and popular? - Because it contains the most realistic Fleshlight insert ever - the Lotus. The Twista Sleeve will ba also available. Both sleeves are made from unique patented RealFeel™ material called SuperSkin™. This special artificial skin material is so realistic that there’s no possibility to feel the difference with the real vagina. Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve provides feeling that no other fleshlight in the world can give - the 100% true vaginal intercourse sensation. TheTwista is the latest addition to the Fleshlight Sleeves. It has got revolutionary spin construction, that can provide a sexual sensation as any sleeve ever made. The Twista is the newest sleeve available only with Tera Partick Fleshlight - its spiral construction gives the unforgettable pleasure. This extraordinary design of spining chambers features the enhanced sucking effect giving an amazing feeling during masturbation.Every Tera Patrick Fleshlight Package contains a unique Pearlescent Fleshlight Case, available only with Fleshlight Girls products. You’ll also get an autographed postcard featuring Tera Patrick and a free 2 oz bottle of water-based personal lubricant, ID Gun Oil H2O.