Fleshlube Elements Special Offer

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Get ready for the completely new lubes. Fleshlight® has released the latest lubricants collection called Fleshlube™. This new set of water gels contains 3 different products that can be used with 3 different purposes. Fleshlube Water provides the optimal silky smooth feel for use with every type of fleshlight. Fleshlube Fire heats up your sensations during masturbation. Fleshlube Ice is the best cooling lubricant on the sex toys market. You can try all these three types of Fleshlube and save some cash with this fleshlight discount. This special offer allows you to buy those three lubricants at the lowest price! They can be yours for only $24.95. The regular price of this three Fleshlubes is $38.85 so you can save 35% with this fleshlube discount. These lubes were designed to give the optimal smooth sensations. Each of these Fleshlubes are based on water and are manufactured using only the medical-quality ingredients. Every of them are easy to rinse off, I can assure you that there aren’t any better lubricants on the today’s market. This Package Includes: 4oz. Bottle of Fleshlube Water, 4oz. Bottle of Fleshlube Fire, 1 4oz. Bottle of Fleshlube Ice.

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Fleshlube™ Water 4oz. Bottle.
This lubricant was created to provide the a fantastic silky smooth feel. You can use it with your Fleshlight® as well as with your partner to maximize your sexual sensation. All Fleshlubes are water-based and they are made from the medical grade ingredients and they are Paraben-free. Fleshlubes are easy to clean and are natural and pleasurable to use.

fleshlight lube fire

Fleshlube™ Fire (Warming) 4oz. Bottle
This Fleshlight lubricant features a big leap in warming lubricant technology. Fleshlube™ Fire can be used with all of the Fleshlight tex toys as good as with your partner in bed creating unexpected sexual experience, you don’t need to have an additional lube. This lubricant is produced from the medical grade substitutes. This warming lubricant is the best way to heat up your sexual sensations. This Fire Fleshlube warms on contact and it’s gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

fleshlight lube ice

Fleshlube™ Ice (Cooling) 4oz. Bottle
I want to present you the best cooling lubricant on the fleshlight market. The Fleshlube™ Ice gives you an unforgettable feeling a,It features a fantastic stimulating tingle without any lack of the sliding touch of this water-based lubricant. Fleshlube Ice is producing from the highest quality ingredients. The Ice will add an icy-cool experience to any masturbation joy.

Note: All Fleshlube™ products are dermatological formulated and tested, are natural and hypoallergenic, are gentle on sensitive skin and are Paraben-free.