Sex In A Can from Fleshlight

Sex In A Can

Sex in A Can is a new product line from Fleshlight that reminds me the old times. The first Sex in a Can fleshlights were released some years ago and they were taken down in cause of low profits. Several years after this offer deserved for a kick-ass come back. Old Sex in a can fleshlight were the 3 same slick sleeves hidden in a old fashioned can. The present offer is much better, more colorful and what is the most important more pleasurable and sensational. That’s because the new sex in a can products features completely new sleeves with new textures. Textures used in those canned fleshlights are the mini versions of the well known fleshlight masturbation sleeves. Offer is represented by three different products: Pink Lotus Lager, Abbey’s Secret Ale and Spread Eagle Brew. Every of this canned fleshlights features different mini sleeve: Mini-Vortex, Mini-Wonder Wave and the best of all Mini-Lotus. All of the Sex in a can sex toys were “brewed” to give exactly the same legendary sensations of the original Fleshlight sex with new edition. I’m sure that you will love those new “canned fleshlights”. All three types placed in a compact beer can case. Sex in a Can is a pure fun for everyone, especially for those who like have their fleshlight toys hidden. With three distinct orifices (Spreaded Lady, Lady and Mouth) that are related with unique inner textures and can vinyls. Remember to collect them all.

fleshlight Sex In A Can